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When Matt Turner (Josef Brown) starts a new job as a security guard at Dimato Industries, he meets with Michelle, who tells him his duties.Michelle tries to befriend Matt and offers him a dress from surplus stock for his wife.Michelle later congratulates Tyler for stealing items on a list given to him by Dimato, and she asks him to continue working for them.She exploits his strained relationship with his brother Mark (Scott Mc Gregor) and convinces him to steal cars.Dimato flees the country and leaves Michelle in charge.When Bailey Turner (Calen Mackenzie) takes one of the stolen cars, Michelle demands that Tyler steals a replacement or give her ,000.

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Cat is Erin Rogers's (Adrienne Pickering) daughter.

She was taken into care when her mother became addicted to drugs.

Erin tells Sonya Mitchell (Eve Morey) that Cat does not want to see her, and they only communicate through Facebook.

She accepts Paige's plan to run the garage as a legit business.

Dimato later returns to town and reunites with Michelle and their group.

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