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Neill Equality Center Dorner: I think it depends on the publication and their readership.

The mediocre LGBT news sources will be out of business, I think.

(Read parts one and two at .) That series has been wildly popular.

Our photo layouts and designs are also very popular.

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Also, the paper for the first 20-plus years, was more of a “gay boys” magazine. In fact, I just won a community award for the work I have done personally and with The Gayly in the transgender community.

Third word is MOTIVATIONAL: In reading The Gayly, I was struck by how gays like to party, love entertainment, like sports and art and culture equally, want a bargain, but we are also conscientious, politically active, value our military service, aware that we must be sexually responsible, and I was given the tools to make my situation better.

I like being gay in the heartland and The Gayly reminded me of that this month. Thank you for stepping up to the plate [current publisher] Bob Lemon and reviving The Gayly.

If people are not getting what they need in "their" media, they will look online or elsewhere to find it.

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