Wowhead glyph of intimidating shout

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Personally I edited my UI in this video to make sure I could see clearly when I had a victory rush available to me.General Rule of thumb, make sure that you are always keeping shield block up and saving rage to make sure you have enough to deal with the Conquerors enrage as it hits very hard.The reason I wanted to mobs to flee from me was so I could focus on just the one mobs and use its Wing Blast attack to knock me back farther and make the mobs come to me in order line up another shockwave stun.

While Disrupting shout could be used on Waves 3 13 23, 6 16 26, 8 18 28, 10 20 30, that being said I really only used it once or twice. It is an on demand stun that can be used as a dps increase, or a getaway utility when combined with; intervene, charge, or heroic leap.Wave2This wave is the first wave of nasty damage being dealt to you.There are little rabbit mobs are that are going to apply a growing bleed to you.If I knew an attack were to get though I would use shield barrier otherwise I really only used shield block the entire time.Charge is an amazing ability; it can be used as a stun so use it to your advantage.

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