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He tends to have a crush on the people he works with such as Carey Martin and Emma Tutweiller. Moseby lives in an apartment and his older brother, Spencer, and grandmother has appeared in the series. After finishing his schooling in 1987 he begins working in the Tipton as a bellboy (as revealed in The Ghost of Suite 613). All seems well for the longtime Tipton employee until he runs into a "familiar face". After noticing the resemblance, he called Cody on the phone to relay that observation only to regret it when Cody expresses an interest in coming to see for himself.

In 1910, assorted Templar leaders, including Ford and Olds, formulated the "Plan".In the United States, Abstergo and other Templar-controlled corporations ceded rights to its workers and their labor unions, but only as a means to tie the people closer to the Templar capitalist vision.By 1944, Abstergo and the Templars were prepared for the inevitable post-war era, where they would "ensure the development continues in the proper direction", and organized the Bretton Woods Conference in July of that year to spread capitalism throughout the world, particularly in Europe.This scheme combined economics, politics and military conflict as a means to make the world safe for Templar rule.The defeat of communism was a key part of the Plan, as it represented both an ideological and economic threat to the success of the Templar world vision.

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