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With supplies of corn running low, he sends scavenging parties into the territories of the Cariosvelites, Esubii, and the highly influential Veneti.

The latter revolt against this infringement of their lands and possessions, and the neighbouring tribes rapidly follow their lead, including the Ambiliati, Diablintes, Lexovii, Menapii, Morini, Namniti, Nannetes, and Osismii.

These included the powerful Veneti tribe which dominated the other tribes, and also the Ambiliati, Boiocasses, Diablintes, Lexovii, Menapii, Morini, Namniti, Nannetes, Osismii, and Redones.

Once defeated by Rome (after a season of extremely hard campaigning) elements of the defeated tribes under the leadership of the Veneti may have fed to Britain and Ireland where they formed two tribes of Venicones, one in what became Pictland and the other in County Donegal as the Venicnii, where both were attested by Ptolemy by AD 140.

With this action, northern Gaul has been brought under Roman domination.

War flares up again, triggered by Publius Licinius Crassus and the Seventh Legion in the territory of the Andes.

Eventually the Veneti fleet is cornered and defeated in Quiberon Bay by Legate Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus.

The Veneti strongholds are stormed and much of the Veneti population is either captured and enslaved or butchered.

The Gauls were divided from the Belgae to the north by the Marne and the Seine, but Belgic tribes had followed the English Channel coastline to occupy and settle areas of Armorica too, probably in the fifth century BC.

(Additional information by Edward Dawson, and from The La Tene Celtic Belgae Tribes in England: Y-Chromosome Haplogroup R-U152 - Hypothesis C, David K Faux, and from External Link: The Works of Julius Caesar: Gallic Wars.

Other major sources listed in the 'Barbarian Europe' section of the Sources page.) Pytheas of Massalia undertakes a voyage of exploration to north-western Europe, becoming the first scholar to note details about the Celtic and Germanic tribes there.

The campaign by Caesar against the Veneti is protracted and takes place both on land and sea.

Veneti strongholds, when threatened, are evacuated by sea and the Romans have to begin again.

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