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As it turns out, my roommates were big smokers and the neighborhood wasn't for me.

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That's how I found myself at an event aptly named "Speedflatmating" (a "flatmate" is U. speak for "roommate"): A weekly series of mixers aiming to bring apartment hunting people — and those looking for a new housemate — under one roof.

Since responding to digital ads has been so fruitless, meeting people that I may potentially live with IRL — and going on the charm offensive when the right apartment and roommate comes along — has better odds, right?

I arrived at the bar — a chain location in Angel, a highly desirable part of London and the neighborhood of my dreams — and was asked to fill out a label upon check-in.

But as I left the bar, I realized that, just like my romantic life, I refuse to settle.

I'm quite rigid with what I was looking for, so the event wasn't really the best option for me: I'm not going to take an apartment outside of my budget just because I was completely charmed by a stranger.

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