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Still, this past January and February, Carter began to uncover old tweets and video footage from Mongeau’s tweendom, in which she referred to various friends as the n-word in a derogatory fashion.

He then released a new entry to his “Content Cop” series, which features twenty- to thirty-minute videos that criticize a popular You Tuber’s content.

Hair dyed cool blonde, nails sharpened and polished to kill, young enough to stay hip but old enough to exude sex appeal, Mongeau is recognizable as the most popular girl at your high school.

She first launched her You Tube channel on April 30, 2015, when she specialized in “story-time videos,” in which the vlogger recites a personal story for her audience, often in the conversational style of a kiki.

It’s within this glass house that Mongeau threw a stone.

On December 10, 2016, she tweeted the following to twenty-six-year-old Ian Carter, more widely known as i Dubbbz TV: Carter was another popular commentator, one politically closer to Pew Die Pie than Akkad: he trafficked in “edgy” language, often using the n-word, r-word, and f-word—sometimes combining two for more comedic effect—under the misconception that, when repeatedly used for fun, such words exhaust their meanings.

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Sargon of Akkad is among the most popular of these vloggers; he recently came under scrutiny for misunderstanding the Socratic method.And these aspirations evolved when reality shows offered relative unknowns, stars-in-the-making who lacked experience in media production, the chance to flaunt their personalities, or perhaps launch a makeup or skincare line.The goals of You Tube personalities, however, are amorphous; Mongeau and her ilk express no interest in joining reality vehicles or opening boutiques.Nevertheless, the ethic that holds for all successful You Tube genres echoes that of Jake Paul’s “MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO (MUST WATCH)”: “Grind! A bachelor’s degree costs more now than ever while no longer serving as a professional safety net.“It’s harder to compete for a good job,” Harris writes, “the bad jobs you can hope to fall back on are worse than they used to be, and both good and bad jobs are less secure.” Platforms like You Tube, Instagram, and Vine have offered convenient escape routes from the typical work-life balance.

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