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;)Audrey - it's a balmy 6F above this morning, but yesterday was brutal!Many, many cups of coffee were consumed by me, needless to say. Have a wonderful day all :)Good afternoon Boccadasse and my skyline pals.Most home video monitoring cameras today are sleek, small and easy to set up, but do require home Wi-Fi.Although camera capabilities will vary, the best devices all provide wide-view angles, HD quality video, night vision, built-in motion and sound detection that can notify you when something is happening, and two-way audio that let's you talk and listen.Also check out the Piper NV, which - at 9 - is more expensive than the Nest Cam but allows free Internet cloud storage.And the Simplicam, which is the cheapest of the three but the video quality isn't quite as good.Wishing you all a merry, bright and happy christmas.

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For a limited time, go behind-the-scenes to meet Lun Lun and her newest twins, Ya Lun and Xi Lun. Be part of their milestones and sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime Wild Encounter.

Thank you for tuning in to nest cam, and be sure to check back often for additioinal nest webcams.

In the mean time, check out the Ventana Wildlife Society's other condor webcams here.

So, for example, if your mom didn't pick up her pillbox to get her medicine or didn't open the refrigerator door to make breakfast like she usually does, or if she left the house at a peculiar time you would be notified and could check on her.

You can also check up on her anytime you want online or through their mobile app.

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