Visual basic screenupdating

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This procedure allows you to import data from a delimited text file.

If the user cancels either of these dialogs, the procedure is terminated and no export operation is carried out.

This procedure allows you to export data from a worksheet range to a text file.

You may specify the character (e.g, a space, tab, pipe, comma, etc) that separates the exported elements. The parameters to Export To Text File are described in the following table: If True and FName exists, data is written to the end of the text file, preserving the existing contents.

Speed and efficiency considerations can be seen in Proper, and other Text changes and in Slow Response.

The DEL95HTMLempty Cells is designed to clean up the mess that Excel 95 creates when pasting from a web page into Excel.

Count To 1 Step -1 'CHR(160) is non-breaking space If Len(Trim(Replace(rng.

The following macro attempts to fix that and is dependent on there being a value in Column A for every row in the original. Calculation = xl Automatic '--Excel 95 Application.Sub DEL95HTMLempty Cells() 'David Mc Ritchie, 2002-08-24, Worksheet Functions ' Move cells up into empty cell below if Column A cell ' on line to be moved up is empty. Replace What:=Chr(160), Replacement:=Chr(32), _ Look At:=xl Part, Search Order:=xl By Columns, Match Case:=True Rcnt = Cells. Sub Del Cells Up() 'David Mc Ritchie 1998-07-17 revised 2002-01-17 ' Empty Cells and cells with only spaces in range ' and move cells up from below even if not in range 'Will process single range of one or more columns 'Will not remove cells with formulas Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual 'pre XL97 xl Manual Dim rng As Range, ix As Long Set rng = Intersect(Selection, Active Sheet. Used Range) If rng Is Nothing Then Msg Box "nothing in Intersected range to be checked/removed" Go To done End If For ix = rng. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' This code will prompt the user for a text file name in which to save the file and for the separator character. Screen Updating = True Close #FNum End Sub '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ' Do The Export ' This prompts the user for the File Name and the separtor ' character and then calls the Export To Text File procedure.

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