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I based all of my advertising around that billboard, it was a big investment for me and now I'm in really big trouble.Really big trouble."That level of insecurity and fear is disarming coming from Gallo. I wondered for a while if it wasn't manufactured--after all, the best thing that could happen to would be if Ebert continued to act like a jilted date and if the Puritans picketed Rodeo Drive. Gallo--the rock star, the supermodel, the (gasp) filmmaker--may actually be this innocent.Gallo, but mostly for being audacious enough to offend both Ebert and A. It's ironic that much of the right-wing ideology that Gallo defends so fervently and so eloquently has contributed to the pre-condemnation of a picture that few people in the United States have even day that I meet Vincent Gallo is the same day a huge billboard of the most famous BJ since that one in the Oval Office, erected on Sunset to Chateau Marmont Hotel, is removed under pressure from community leaders.

I made national headlines 25 years ago today on December 28th, 1992 after I was kidnapped by a family friend and then held in a underground bunker for 17 horrendous days. I was really sincere about what I was saying, how I was feeling.It was the first time I'd ever recorded a vocal track. It's a beautiful colour, and it's an underrated colour.But that doesn't strike me as disingenuous with Mr. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)" Gallo is a contradiction with a firm handshake and a disarming sense of humour.Gallo--it strikes me instead as intensely vulnerable and ineffably human. He's a beautiful man, a great big noisy ball of neurosis.

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