Ups package tracking not updating

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The tracking numbers will look different depending on the shipping method you chose.

Below is the tracking number format for each shipping method.

Contact our Help team if they are unable to find it or provide you with additional details.

Standard Plus: Like Standard, reference the delivery time frame listed in your shipping confirmation.

Since these were returns to Shoe Buy using their return labels, they were considered the shipper, not me, so they had to initiate the trace.

Shoe Buy is a company with amazingly good Customer Service – since Zappos is often referred to as to epitome of Customer Service, let’s just say Shoe Buy is like Zappos, often with lower prices.

(Click here for directions on checking your order status.) Once you locate your order, click on the tracking number under "Status" to track the package.

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Of course she did not have an explanation on how the fifth package safely arrived in the meantime – after all, I did not dropped them off at UPS according to her theory. Only when I asked her if she was accusing me of lying did she change tone, and recommended we put a tracer on the lost packages.

Some International shipments can be delayed at country borders, customs, or other routing destinations along the way.

International orders can take up to 5 weeks for delivery, but if you still don't have your order after the time frame provided, check with your local postal and customs offices to see if they are holding your order.

Most shippers have physical locations in most cities of any size.

And for future reference: most carriers take much better care of packages that are insured (that insurance - like bank/credit card fees - is very profitable for them, and they don’t want to have to pay out on it).

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