Updating xml using java

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Otherwise it locates the node's text value child node, sets that child node's value to the new value, and returns.Pretty straightforward but somewhat verbose, and definitely not something you want to repeat all over your code. Next, let's look at DOMParser parser = new DOMParser(); parser.parse("mydocument.xml"); Document doc = Document(); // Get the document's root XML node Node List root = Child Nodes(); // Navigate down the hierarchy to get to the CEO node Node comp = get Node("Company", root); Node exec = get Node("Executive", Child Nodes() ); String exec Type = get Node Attr("type", exec); // Load the executive's data from the XML Node List nodes = Child Nodes(); String last Name = get Node Value("Last Name", nodes ); String first Name = get Node Value("First Name", nodes); String street = get Node Value("street", nodes ); ... Very simple and one line of code for changes made to the XML. Node List; /** * This class is used to modify XML document using DOM parser.I have been doing a lot of XML parsing, and manipulation in java lately because I'm building a super dynamic configuration editor for XMS.Its going to be pretty cool once its done because you can even configure third party modules with it.Anyways I thought I'd post some a simple example of parsing and modifying XML with java: Suppose you have the following XML document: Node earth = First Child(); Named Node Map earth Attributes = Attributes(); Attr galaxy = doc.create Attribute("galaxy"); Value("milky way"); earth Named Item(galaxy); Transformer transformer = Transformer Instance()Transformer(); Output Property(Output Keys.

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To do so, you need to serialize the // First read the XML file and parse DOMParser parser = new DOMParser(); parser.parse("mydocument.xml"); Document doc = Document(); // Modify the XML ... XML tags are case sensitive and must be completely nested. Write the whole data on a file using Transformer class. However, one reader commented that it would be nice to add helper methods to easily create or modify XML, not just parse it. I've added two new helper methods to the code I presented last time: The code works by first locating the specified node within the list of nodes provided.If it's not found, the method returns without doing anything.

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