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Partition Logic Create, delete, erase, format, defragment, resize, copy, and move partitions and modify their attributes.As a bonus, it can copy entire hard disks from one to another.While many so-called free cloud backup services severely limit your storage, MEGA offers 50GB still. This one promises 25% more speed and is a 5-star program all day long.

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was designed to be a replacement for the old Microsoft Paint that came with Windows that grew into an excellent program offering features that make it as good as Irfan View and Xn View.The dictionary, thesaurus and help files are all left out on this free version.VMWare Player With VMware, you can run a virtual operating system. Major Geeks uses the professional version of VMware to test all software before we make it available to you.Snappy Driver Installer Origin Snappy Driver Installer Origin is a fork of Snappy Driver Installer designed by a former contributing developer and build master who felt that project had gone astray.All drivers can be a huge download, most likely well over 10 GB, but is handy for techs who want to keep every driver known to exist on their thumb drives.

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