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A tropical storm warning was issued for the first time ever in Atlanta, some 200 miles (320 kilometers) from the sea.President Donald Trump approved a disaster declaration for Florida, opening the way for federal aid.We’re introducing Survive the Storm, a new survival focused mode that pits your heroes against the storm for up to 14 consecutive nights.Assemble your crew, stock up on bullets, and prepare for the ultimate test of skill, strategy, and staying alive.

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It is likely to bring adverse conditions to Central America and/or Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula early next week.

Review the notes below for the full patch breakdown and check out this blog post for additional details on the new content! Gather resources and build defenses during the day and fight to survive the night. Shielders strengthen other monsters by supporting them with a protective barrier.

You’ll have to take out the Shielder first or blast through his tough defensive bonuses if you want to take down their husk pals.

The 400-mile-wide (640-kilometer-wide) storm blew ashore in the mostly cleared-out Florida Keys, then marched up its western coast, its punishing winds extending clear across to Miami and West Palm Beach on the Atlantic side.

Irma, which has killed at least 28 people after pushing through the Caribbean, was considered a life-threatening danger in Florida as well, and could inflict a natural disaster causing billions of dollars in damage to the third-most-populous US state. Martin, people began to gather, quietly planning for survival after Hurricane Irma.

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