Updating starguide receiver software first year dating anniversary gift ideas

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General Information Star GPS-NX includes a high-performance GPS receiver and one adapter cable.

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Note: For the most efficient use of Star GPS with your Astro-Physics GTO system, we recommend that you change the way you have your keypad set up.The GPS-NX02 can also be used with the Meade LX200GPS, LX200R, LX200ACF, LX400ACF and RCX400.* Early model GPS-NX01 and GPS-NX02 receivers may specify 9600 baud.Fortunately, the keypad supplies these parameters even in the External Startup Mode.These parameters include the tracking, guiding and slew rates; the backlash compensation settings for both RA and Dec; reticle brightness and focus speed; and the PEM state.

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