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Here are links to the latest versions of these queries for Here are links to the most recent versions of these scripts for SQL Server 2008 R2 and older: Since SQL Server 2008 R2 and older are out of Mainstream support from Microsoft (and because fewer of my customers are using these old versions of SQL Server), I am not going to be updating the scripts for these older versions of SQL Server every single month going forward.

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The toolkit is published on Git Hub at this address https://github.com/dmuegge/ddb-sql-toolkit.

It is very important that you are running the correct version of the script that matches the major version of SQL Server that you are running.

There is an initial query in each script that tries to confirm that you are using the correct version of the script for your version of SQL Server.

See the previous post I wrote which led me to create the SQL Server Data Domain Boost Scripting Toolkit. Please provide any feedback and updates to the toolkit.

We all know that SQL Server by default listens to the port number 1433.

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