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They (AMS) do not offer the data sheet for this chip publicly.

Sansa Models known to be using the AMS platform: index description (value is 32bit unless otherwise noted) 0x0 0 or 1 (seems to be the index of the header structure.

0 for 0x0000 and 1 for the copy at 0x200) 0x4 checksum 32bit unsigned simple additions of all values from 0x400.

The data range for this operation is specified in the 0x0c value.

Today we’ll be looking at the San Disk Sansa Fuze 8GB.

This device is an update to the Sansa Fuze which was launched back in 2008; though in terms of hardware and design it’s a completely new product and not just a minor update.

Note: we initially called these models the "Sansa v2 series" but that caused confusion since there are already several versions of the Clip and the Fuze, and the AMS version of the m200 is called m200 v4 by San Disk themselves.

We have thus switched to refer to Sansa players with this newer "platform" as the AMS Sansas.

While San Disk can’t challenge the build quality or stunning look of Apple’s anodized aluminum i Pad Nano at this price, its industrial designers have managed to coax a little more character out of plastic this year.

It seems that perhaps there's only a checksum for the first block.

For each regular block (that is all blocks that follows the first one), a block header is also present right at offset 0x0 in each block.

See checksum.c 0x8 value seems to be limited to only a small range: (e4/e8/ed/ea/ec) although not target type since images for the same target can have different values.

seems to be used in the calculation of the regular blocks size: [block multiplier] * 0x200 = [regular block size] 0xc Size of the first block and thus also the checksum data range, the amount of data to use to calculate the 0x04 checksum.

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