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God is, after all, the most important truth of them all.* The “hiding” away of a great truth or truths is not simply of relevance to God or the supernatural.Whigs believe that modernity converges toward truth. Then there are private e-lists and slack channels, as well as direct message communities on Twitter and Facebook groups (these have all emerged in the last few years as public discourse on social media has gotten nastier).In a way, the peer-review system has some of these features, but it is rather slow and calcified at this point. * Christians reverse the disappearance of God through the incarnation, but that’s a different thing altogether.

I’m pretty sure that the nature of browsing content on a phone is such that it discourages the sorts of intense back & forth exchanges which were at one point the bread & butter of comments sections of weblogs in the ancient days of yore. I say that because some of my friends in the Bay Area who I respect for being punctilious practitioners of cognitive hygiene nevertheless exhibit awe in relation to their conversations with him (for what it’s worth, most do not agree with his politics).The explanation at the time was that people were moving conversations to Facebook.Today we would add Twitter and Reddit to the list of “culprits.” But there’s another thing that is hard to ignore: about half the traffic that comes to this website is now on i OS or Android.But Whigs may not get to define the truth of matters on this question. The major problem I see here is that you trade-off scale for security. Any “exclusive” group will become infested with moles over time, and private conversations will be made public.Let’s posit, hypothetically, that the notionally open Enlightenment republic of letters, which plumbs the depths of nature and society for Truth, is beyond its hide tide. People will anticipate this as a group becomes popular and become less candid. In contrast, in-person meetings are generally totally free from these worries (unless someone is recording you). Adding and removing people from in-person meet-ups and semi-regular salons take a lot of work, and from what I’ve seen often that work is done by a few individuals who eventually get burned out.

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