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"It's courtesy to say, ' Pull my finger,'" she points out."I was such a punk-rock skate-board kid," remembers De Longe."We would start from one end of our town [Poway, California, a San Diego suburb] and skateboard to the other, fucking with people on the sidewalk, stopping in every department store, and knocking everything into the aisles and getting arrested.""Tom's first musical instrument was the trumpet," reports his mother, Connie De Longe."We bought it for him as a Christmas present when he was 11 and told him, ' When you get really good, you can wake us up with reveille.' What we failed to emphasize was that would decide when that day had come." So one Saturday around 5 a.m., young Thomas De Longe woke up his parents with a loud noise, closer to the squalling of an ill mallard than to a military bugler.His dad was furious, but his mom was secretly amused.

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The band – Hoppus, guitarist-vocalist Tom De Longe and drummer Travis Barker – stands yawning, waiting to enter the studio.Uninhibited by any actual ability, they played around San Diego and made the rudimentary album which finally had a sound as sharp as their tongues.Although Hoppus and De Longe are unable to answer a question seriously if the other is in the room, their music is not a joke.Hoppus has even found true love, in the person of his charming and willowy fiance, Skye Everly."We'll complain about whatever," Hoppus concedes."We'll complain if the hotel where we're staying has no pornography."Inside KRBE's Studio C, two DJs and 25 fans are waiting.

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