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Which–we do not know many people who truly are (and honestly, the ones we do know, do not seem to enjoy life very much).

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If you would like to support it, please deactivate - or white-list our site - your Ad blocker to read it.Friends, my husband and I are back home from being away for 14 days to Central Oregon. Several things we did, that just fell in to place for us, was we worked on getting back into a healthier lifestyle. ) One of the recipes I made on Day 10 of our 14-day stay in Bend, was Slow Cooker Chicken Breasts with Carrots and Potatoes.I’ll share a few things today that made a differene to me. We had several meals with the leftovers – delicious!Those are annoying - and we won't subject you to those, either.We appreciate your support and hope you'll find our no-fail tested recipes, fact-checked articles and research summaries worthwhile the small bother of ads.

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