This computer must be restarted before updating can continue

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If your results do not correspond with these, then something is hogging your bandwidth, or there’s a network problem.

First, check to see that there aren’t any torrent clients running in the background.

Firstly, you need to know that videos or websites that take a while to load are not necessarily slow because of your computer - they can also be affected by network interference.The search process takes time, which will result in a slowdown of your system’s performance.Delete any unneeded files such as movies, photos, music, or move them to another hard drive.If your computer is slow to open programs, it stalls or hangs while in use, or the boot-up process takes more than a couple of minutes, then you might have a slowness problem on your hands.When the hard drive that holds your operating system (usually designated as C:) is full, the operating system can’t write files quickly, as it needs to search and allocate space for it.

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