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Based in Toronto, specializing in antiques and fine art. All manner of paintings, silver, porcelain and glass, books, furniture, militaria, jewellery, chinese and japanese antiques and more...

There are some things that you're forced to do when you're young that you dread.

I moved my face to her chest, lifting her shirt as I did- she protested, pulling her shirt back down, but my lips were firmly on her nipple before she could succeed. I'm going to show you how beautiful I think you are- I know you're nervous now, honey- but trust me, it's going to feel good if you just relax..." I went back to softly sucking on her nipple as I started unbuttoning her shorts.

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"Spread your legs" I ordered her softly- she nervously complied.For me, it used to be the annual journey I would have to make with my folks to visit my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Doug each summer.The visits only lasted four or five days but to me they seemed to be never ending, and it was an annual event through the late 60's and 70's for us.I had to have her- I licked from her soft pussy up her belly, ending up on my knees between her spread legs, my cock towering above her."Now, I want you on your hands and knees, baby." I ordered as I pulled her up and turned her over, her beautiful, tight ass facing me.

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