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So, when a girl calls me "cute," I can assume my chase is over and I can call it quits.

Now I have more of a grasp on the fact that when you're in a state of infatuation and you think everything that person does is perfect, it then—if you're lucky—morphs into a real relationship when you see that that person is not in fact perfect, but you still want to see them every day.

Lately, all it takes for me to feel total accomplishment is having a girl call me "cute" or "funny." At that point, I can leave the bar, stop by the diner for late-night-eats, and lie down alone knowing that someone out there found me attractive.

At first glance, chasing does not seem like a lazy activity. When I'm chasing a girl there is no pressure to succeed.

Swift and Harris, when they first started dating, were pretty reserved with the level of PDA they showed publicly (just hand-holding! They'd make headlines for that surprise Billboard kiss they had in May—their first big "we're together!

" moment: The lines "shock me" and "the way you move" could be a nod to Swift and Harris' "This Is What You Came For." Rihanna sings "Baby, this is what you came for/Lightning strikes every time she moves," presumably about Swift.

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