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I didn’t tell my boyfriend about that, just said I had fun being out with the girls. But it can also signal to you that you can’t be open with him, because he’s easily jealous and does try to control you.But he talked to another girl who was there (I think she likes him) and now he says he can’t ever trust me because I lied again. Maybe at 21 you need more freedom to go out where you want, rather than date exclusively. But also recognize that openness and trust are essential in any long-term relationship.The guy had been very flattering, asked her to go walking with him, took her hand then became very touchy-feely, she said. I know she loves this stuff, but sometimes lets it go too far – and it did. She was so wound up that she didn’t make sense – she said she’d call the police and “charge him”… She said she’d move hotels because he knows where she’s staying…He said he was staying in a house off the beach and they should go there so they could have “crazy sex” together. At least that’s what she told me when she phoned me to talk… okay, maybe if she’s that scared or he got really angry with her, she’s right to have done that. You’re correct that she seeks excitement before she knows if she can handle it.

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I’m sorry I missed the chance, though I might not have worded it just that way.

There are some couples who enjoy their division of tasks into the past roles with which they were raised.

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