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You might've seen Serinda Swan kick ass as an undercover DEA agent on Graceland, USA's hit show which premieres its third season June 25.Swan is a relatively young actress who managed to get an abundance of role on both small and big screen productions, most famous for the portrayal of Erica Reed in Breakout Kings and DEA Special Agent Paige Arkin in Graceland.

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It is a great alternative to drinking and driving and a wonderful idea for people who live a little further away."I was running a media technology agency for a while and trying to shove this down the throat of every client, but nobody wanted it," Sideman says.Her exotic look makes her very easy to spot in the media.The cast of Marvel's "Inhumans" is slowly taking shape as several new names have been tapped to play characters in the Royal Family.Swan starred as Brittany Baker in NBCs drama Chicago Fire.

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