Speed dating horror stories

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Since we seemed to have some compatibility, I invited her out for drinks and dinner. Some are guys using ex GF names and photos to give them a 'rep'.

Imagine my surbrise when the lady with the 'average' body shape showed up and weighed more than 375 lbs! Others have baggage (serious debt, lots of kids, pyscho exes) that makes them desperate for anything that might help them.

Said he was half French/half Italian and turned out his French side was Algerian.

He also said no to children on it and had one child in the city to another woman.

well I get online to see she had got married that day to a ******.

and aparently she had been engaged to him the whole time we were dating.

She was dressed in a dirty sweatsuit and a beat to hell old toyota truck. Her hair was unkempt and frankly, I suspect that she'd gone a day or two without bathing. Imagine my surprise to discover that she was in fact five different ladies inhabiting one body! OKCupid is the only one that has kept my attention so far. Having said that, I'd say that 90% of the women on all of these sites are seriously damaged. Some are simply con artists and scammers playing the oldest game in the book.

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If they don't put a pic on that is what they deserve.

I've tried Online dating off and on for about 3 years. The idea of this thread is to have you post your worst online dating horror stories.

Don't specifically identify the idividuals - this isn't the Springer Show. They all showed a fairly average, well groomed and dressed middle age lady.

If you've ever been falsely accused of something like this, then it's the only way you know how stressful it can be.

I began talkign to this chick on myspace she was from minnesota she was racially aware I thought I had found my dream girl..

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