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It is possible that they may have been carefully erased during the production of this colorized postcard, or that the trams in the scene were actually horse-drawn, pre-dating the electrification.

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This fierce competition reached its peak in the 1890’s and continued apace into the new century, tailing off around 1909 for budget reasons, and then the Great War intervened.One can imagine the captains yelling instructions to their engineers to give them more speed, and the heat generated down below as the stokers were busily shovelling coal into the furnaces.Passengers would be moved around the decks if the master thought it would improve the trim of the vessel.Once the railway companies owned their own steamers, then the races could begin in earnest.Time was of the essence, and the sooner the train could arrive at the railhead and passengers be rushed onto the waiting steamer, then the race could continue on the water.

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