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Here are the instructions to install Sophos on your computer. CCS does not standardize on a method for backing up your files.

Note: Sophos supports Windows 10 as well as all previous versions of Windows. Some employees have access to CFAPS which gives them limited space for backups. At the File Download screen, click on the Save button to save the exe file containing the installation file.

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I wanted to run a batch file from a Power Shell script, because testing and running inside of Power Shell is overly complicated.

Complete the following steps to install Sophos: Step 1. Wait for the Sophos icon to be added to your taskbar and proceed to Step 8. If the “User Account Control” screen appears, click Yes. A pop-up window will display as the installation begins. As part of the installation, Sophos Auto Update will be configured. An icon will be added to your taskbar, at the bottom right of your desktop. To view the update progress, right click the Sophos icon and select View updating status. When updates are finished the status will display “Sophos Protection – All protection is enabled” and finally “Sophos Protection-Last checked for updates”: 10. Sophos Endpoint Security and Control OR Right click on the Sophos icon on the taskbar and select Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control.

Move the cursor over this icon and the status will read Sophos Protection.

#Silent uninstall, suppress Reboot, and create log file.

#https:// 'c:\Admin\SAV-msi-uninstall.bat'The file contains the following lines that uninstall the Sophos components in a particular order as defined by the Sophos article linked earlier.

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