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The fix: "Think about when you've posted on a guy friend's page with zero bad intentions," she says. Is this about you finding out info on social media rather through your spouse?

If so, ask your husband to let you know about any social events and new pals to eliminate surprises.

"We have this idea that men can't control themselves, but I've found that they're more interested in a relationship than having sex," says Madison, who interviewed more than 1,000 men for her book.

Translation: He might enjoy the attention, but he's happy to be with you.3. "People need to feel autonomous, even in a relationship," says Dr. "You also want a sense of closeness with your partner.

"The worst thing is not to resolve the issue immediately," says Kavita Jhaveri-Patel, a love coach based in New York City.

"Positive comments aren't intended to make you feel bad.

But his improved body is beneficial for both of you.

"The best thing for your relationship is to have a partner who feels good about himself," says Madison.

This is his subtle way of saying he craves more affection from you.

"It's like a dog that brings a dead bird to the doorstep to say, 'Look what I did,'" explains Madison. If he's reporting compliments he's getting from other women, he wants to feel more appreciated by you." Here's a start: Instead of grilling him about the hairdresser's appearance and marital status, tell him that his new cut makes him look handsome! When he gets lunch with his "work wife." You've built her up as the sexiest woman alive, but have you ever met her?

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