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This couldn’t be real.” Shah is not the type of person you expect to see on a watch list: a 25-year-old student with ambitions of teaching children about the peacefulness of divinity.

If there is one positive thing to come out of this situation, Shah wishes that US border and customs would “do their research” before choosing who to block.

But having given up his job educating Pakistani schoolchildren about religious tolerance, and after just one term of studies in the US, that dream was snatched away.

Zia was enrolled at Chicago at the start of this academic year, and returned home to visit his proud parents during the winter holidays.

From historic tensions with India, to the threats of the radical Taliban, and widespread attacks on Shia Muslims – which saw his own uncle shot and killed in 2010 – Shah saw that something needed to be done.

And so he set out to tackle the problem at a grass-roots level.

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