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However, the parties may agree in the lease that the tenant or landlord must give notice of any intent to either continue or end the tenancy.The landlord may terminate the tenancy on a shorter notice in the following situations: EVICTION/UNLAWFUL DETAINER A tenant cannot be physically removed from the premises for any reason until the following process is completed (lockouts, turning off utilities, seizing tenant’s property, etc.The tenant is still responsible for the rent for the month in which they leave, but is entitled to a refund of their security/damage deposit.

The legal tenant or a member of the household must have (a) a valid court order for protection, or (b) a record of reporting the incident to a legally qualified third party (i.e.Move Out: If landlord does not make repairs in times noted previously, tenant may give written notice to the landlord, terminate the agreement and quit the premises without further obligation.The tenant shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of prepaid rent and a full and specific accounting for any deposits not returned.Information may be provided in a written format individually to each tenant or posted in a visibel location at the property.All rental agreements must provide the tenant with a written notice regarding sex offenders that contains the following information: Notice to Tenant: Information regarding sex offenders may be obtained from local law enforcement agencies.

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