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Also seated is Ken Banghart, afternoon news anchor.Standing in the white shirt is another WCBS News staffer James L. I check in occasionally, but perhaps not often enough. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your website keeping track of the WCBS tradition.Currently, Jerry lives in Birmingham, Alabama, where he and his wife are involved in educational efforts to achieve peace through non-violence. (--DS) Jerry's email: [email protected], retired anchor, sportscaster, and newswriter Harvey Hauptman died on August 2, 2017, at the age of 87.

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I appreciated being able to read the remembrances others had posted.) Thanks so much for providing your site as a resource and forum - even those of us who spent our careers 250 miles to the north remember many of the great people from WCBS.The other station was #1 in the market, and its offices and studios had the fancy decor, equipment and accoutrements to match its ratings.The following morning when I showed up at the grey, shabby, rundown 'EEI newsroom to relieve him on the desk, he had taped hand-drawn pictures of plants and artwork above the folders and cart racks.Through her unparalleled writing and delivery, Irene has given New Yorkers a front row seat to more than a half century of riveting trials. also had the pleasure of presenting the New York Press Club's President's Award (posthumously) to our late Consulting Director, Peter O. I can still remember how thrilled he was when he learned he'd been hired at WCBS - even though he was never the type to jump for joy, his excitement and pride was clear.He was still young, of course, but it was his life's dream to work at Newsradio 88.

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