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It is best to have a SANE exam as soon as possible and not to bathe, shower, change clothes, use the bathroom, douche, smoke or brush teeth after the assault to best preserve existing evidence.Even if these actions have been taken, a SANE exam up to 96 hours (barring special conditions determined case by case by SANE staff) and evidence may be present.These policies describe in detail the Title IX investigation and complaint resolution process for sex discrimination complaints at Xavier.Some forms of sex discrimination may also violate Ohio law.Our mission is a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors at Xavier.Title IX prohibits all forms of sex discrimination (including sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and retaliation against individuals reporting sex discrimination) and discrimination, harassment or violence based on a person's sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Title IX requires that members of both genders have equal opportunities to participate in sports and receive the benefits of competitive sports. Title IX requires Xavier to have a prompt, equitable resolution process in place to address sex discrimination complaints, which includes a reliable, impartial, and adequate investigation by Xavier’s Title IX Office.

YWCA of Greater Cincinnati is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.Life Point Solutions is a division of Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services and is a comprehensive counseling agency with expertise in mental health diagnosis and treatment.Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services was established by state law and serves more than 9,000 people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Hamilton County.If a student has been sexually assaulted, they may obtain a forensic Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE) from University of Cincinnati Medical Center.A SANE nurse is trained to collect evidence suitable for use in criminal, civil and administrative hearings.

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