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Don't get too excited though, he leans forward and busts out of frame.SHAGGY DO PORN Ewen is friends with Blaze who talked him into auditioning after bailing on their last trip to Vegas.This skinny & smooth local describes himself as a sexual person, and he shoots cum up to his chest!PIPE CLEANER A self described 'turd-chaser', Edrick is a local service plumber and he's here today to clean out a different set of pipes.At 32 years old, he has a little more experience than our typical auditionee.If you like redheads and a big chest, Warren is your guy!LONG HAIRED SKATER Believe it or not, Jonah is 23 years old.This twink-looking skater from Vegas is soft spoken, but it could just be his nerves.

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REDHEADED WELDER Warren calls himself a trained professional when it comes to jerking off.Standing 6'8", calling him tall is an understatement.He had to duck his head just to make it through the doorway into the audition room.GOAL KEEPER Well-mannered Kerry is here to earn some extra money for rent.He asks a lot of questions so he can ace his audition.

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