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To put this in context for non-Elite players, traveling through hyperspace has always essentially been a loading screen.

You charge up your Frame Shift Drive and blast off from one star system to another, the flashing lights and colors of hyperspace speeding by your windows to ease the boredom as new planets load into the game.

You sit back, snuggle up, and turn on the classic black-and-white movie To Kill a Mockingbird.The only thing that doesn’t change is the game’s delightful potty-mouthed humor.When video games dabble in sex, the results are often problematic, laughable, or just plain bad.Leave it to The Witcher 3 to sidestep (and maybe even embrace) all of those issues by serving up one of most absurd sex scenes in the history of moving images.The encounter begins after the Witcher Geralt and his on-again-off-again lover Yennifer have been apart for years.

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