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In these rarely seen photos, taken by Manny Pacquiao's personal photographer James Dayap, we take a glimpse at the boxer's training regimen for the Timothy Bradley fight in June 2012, which would become one of the most controversial bouts of his career.Often that wasn't enough for paying customers on the other side of the sex chat room.

New cases like these were always heartbreaking for Maria, whose own attempts to embrace a new life were cruelly snatched away.

During the event, Pacquiao received the Honorary Special Forces Warrior Badge, and wore the exclusive Special Forces uniform popularly known as the "Tiger suit."Pacquiao waves as he joins hundreds of other runners in Manila on October 10, 2010, to raise funds and environmental awareness to help revive the Pasig River, a heavily polluted major waterway that cuts through the city of 12 million.

Pacquiao holds his daughter Queen Elizabeth as he talks to members of the media during his victory party for winning a seat in parliament -- held jointly with her birthday celebration -- at a convention center on the southern island of Mindanao on May 15, 2010.

"Sometimes we had to urinate," says the girl in the middle.

Her friend to the right adds: "The urine is mixed with juice as a drink." "That's what the American client wants.

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