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We’ve known each other for a long time, and she invited me to lunch at her office, which was at Ealing Studios. It has a wonderful history with Sir Michael Balcon and all the great films they’ve made, and I wanted to see it.Of all the studios in the UK, Ealing was literally the only one I’d never worked at or visited, and I had tremendous curiosity to see it. So, I went out and had lunch with Gurinder and, while we were having lunch, a man walked by and she introduced me to Barnaby Thompson, who is a guy that bought the studios with a group, 10 or 15 years ago, as a real estate thing.If the vote is tied at Twilight (end of day), a random player will be lynched. Sorry you misspelled a word or made a coding snafu, but it’s here to stay. Read through and think carefully about your comment before posting it.

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LANDIS: I worked on a lot of movies before I was a director.Desperate for some peace and quiet, Peter Peltzer stole away to the back office of Sam Goody, and discovered it actually had a working computer. It even had that hot new game Zork installed on it, and Peter wasted no time in firing it up. That was the last thing the other Mallrats saw on the screen when they discovered Peter’s body with a mass of jelly bracelets wrapped around his neck. If Twilight is reached due to time limit (as opposed to an auto-lynch), these anonymous Mallrats will vote in any non-voters’ place. 2) If the vote is tied at Twilight (including if NPC Mallrats have caused a tie), a random player (chosen from all living players) will be lynched. : The Wolves know each other and share a private chat.3) If the Teen Wolf is role-blocked by William Zabka, he will appear to Robo Cop as a normal Mallrat. Everyone else does not know who each other are, or who the Wolves are, and can generally only communicate on the open game thread.If you have questions that may reveal sensitive information, feel free to ask them in your personal QT.Please note that you are encouraged to ask questions about the rules of the game, how your powers work, and whatever else comes to mind.

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