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In order to make your search easier, I have established Illustration Exchange, a website ministry that is dedicated to producing illustrations that are fresh, relevant, practical, and easy to access.

I have spent nearly thirty years serving those I shepherded by working hard to produce messages that were as relevant and interesting as possible.

Tonight, I would like to humbly share with you some of the things I have learned later in my high school years that I wish I knew when I was in seventh grade.

And hopefully, it will save you guys from having to go through some of the painful situations I had to.

To guide us in our conversation, grab your Bibles and open them to Genesis 2:7, 18-24.***Read Genesis 2:7, 18-24***To start out, I need all the guys to stand up. You are wonderful creations of God and I will treat you like that.” Guys, you can have a seat.

Guys, take a look at these young ladies sitting around you and I repeat after me. Girls, your turn, stand up, take a look at these young men and repeat after me.

Just wanted you to know that your ministry is making a difference in my church.

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The site is updated daily with new submissions from the staff and our contributing members.If you'd like to join our active community, please take a minute to read more about our membership options below.After a free 7-day trial, subscribers pay as little as .49 per month for access.Here are a few more reasons to join the web's premier illustrative resource: Dear Illustration Exchange, I use your illustrations regularly in my sermons.I used one this past week that really touched a chord in my congregation, prompting a really positive response.

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