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So you program the robot with the following instruction: “Maximize the number of paperclips in your possession.” Then you set it loose.The robot first goes around the world collecting all the existing paperclips. After all, it must maximize the number of paperclips it has.It’s about how a machine given the wrong instructions will produce the wrong results.You have an intelligent robot, and you’d like him to collect paperclips.If school vouchers worked as well as food vouchers, they would succeed in their mission of improving choice without sacrificing quality.Now Robinson doubles down, sticking to his anti-voucher position and also proposing A Public Option For Food. Every week I go to the grocery store and I get relatively tasty things for relatively low prices.

Which motive is acted upon will depend on who is in charge and how the institution is set up. So for example, many cities place a special tax on sodas to increase their price and discourage consumption; soda is no longer quite so attractive relative to other options.I counterargued that yes it would, and cited among other things the success of food stamps (ie “food vouchers”).These give poor people access to the same dazzling variety of food choices as everyone else, usually at reasonable prices and low profit margins.A company that takes a poll of the things people want in a snack, and sells a snack with those qualities, will probably do well.But a company that researches ways to trigger biological cravings, and use subtle branding cues to trick people into thinking the product is better than it is, will do even better.

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