Science dating jokes

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In Big data predictive analytics, data scientists may use advanced techniques like data mining, machine learning, and advanced statistical processes (we’ll discuss all these terms later) to forecast weather, economy etc.

Still using the credit card transactions example, you may want to find out which spending to target (i.e.

While we are here, let’s talk about Data warehouse which is similar in concept that it is also a repository for enterprise-wide data but in a structured format after cleaning and integrating with other sources.

Data warehouses are typically used for conventional data (but not exclusively).

Getting more technical, we might be talking about nodes, cluster management layer, load balancing, and parallel processing etc.

This, in my opinion, is coined to scare the living daylights out of senior management.

Hadoop, which I’ll describe later, is focused on batch data processing.

a beautiful name, is a popular open source database management system managed by The Apache Software Foundation.

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The fine print here is that this is not about ‘predicting the future’ rather ‘forecasting with probabilities’ of what might happen.A mathematical formula or statistical process used to perform an analysis of data. Even though algorithm is a generic term, Big Data analytics made the term contemporary and more popular. No more cheesy jokes) Most likely, your credit card company sent you year-end statement with all your transactions for the entire year.(Bonus: Here’s a pickup line on your date, ‘You show me your algorithms and I’ll show you mine. What if you dug into it to see what % you spent on food, clothing, entertainment etc? You are drawing insights from your raw data which can help you make decisions regarding spending for the upcoming year.reduce food or clothing or entertainment) and analyzing the resulting outcomes to ‘prescribe’ the best category to target to reduce your overall spend.You can extend this to big data and imagine how executives can make data-driven decisions by looking at the impacts of various actions in front of them.

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