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There's definitely something dark and hilarious in Biderman's huffing about profile-makers' "creativity problems." But generating thousands of real-sounding fake profiles is hard work.These emails make clear that the company engaged in a deliberate, elaborate, multi-year campaign to create fake profiles for audiences all over the world.At least Farmville is up front about the fact that you're burning money for a dumb fantasy. According to CNN, Ashley Madison's parent company Avid Life Media made $US115.5 million in revenue in 2014.Ashley Madison never promised men that they would find women , but they did promise that real women inhabited the site and were active there.

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Men can even pay a premium rate for a "guaranteed affair".*Netherlands (July 15)*: Keith sent files to and confirmed that angels will be complete hopefully by July 15, but no later than the start of the media tour July 22 *Portugal (July 15):* Keith needs help from Carlos team.Carlos confirmed that he can provide Keith with resources.We just need to learn how to properly staff up for a project and then staff down ...It appears that as much as they tried, Ashley Madison was unable to create a process that was more automated and efficient than simply hiring people to generate fake profiles by hand.

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