Red flags dating online Livehotty

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“That should tell you one of at least two things: she’s either desperate for someone because she’s emotionally unstable, or she has no fear of you, which could mean she’s working an angle.”• She really is, physically, too good to be true.It’s possible that a hot date that you see as “out of your league” will come to love you for who you are — in time — just like any other date.These signs could be a warning of how the relationship might go.If someone’s trying to control you from the get go, see our human trafficking section for more warning signs.

“The food I liked, the hobbies I liked, the music I liked and political affiliations were identical to hers,” he says.

That makes finding love tough.”Massie, an entrepreneurial businessman with his own business and a full schedule, says he was elated when things progressed quickly online with a hot prospect.“I almost couldn’t believe how lucky I was,” he says.

“Unfortunately, I did believe it, which led to this woman taking advantage of me in the worst way.”The woman set him up in an elaborate ruse that resulted in him going to jail on false charges, while she took possession of everything he owned.“Something that was too good to be true wound up becoming a nightmare,” says Massie, who suggests these red flags:• She likes everything about you.

If they’re not willing to do so, perhaps they’re not as available and interested as you are.

Red Flag #2: They only post photos, but don’t bother to fill out the details of their profile.

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