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From that moment onwards, whenever Yugi or one of his friends is threatened by those with darkness in their hearts, this "Dark Yugi" shows himself and challenges them to dangerous "Shadow Games" which reveal the true nature of someone's heart, the losers of these contests often being subjected to a dark punishment called a "Penalty Game".

As the series progresses, Yugi and his friends (Katsuya Jonouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Hiroto Honda, Miho Nosaka (in the 1998 series), and later Ryo Bakura) learn that this other Yugi inside of his puzzle is actually the spirit of a nameless Pharaoh from Egyptian times who had lost his memories.

But Mc Kenna warns that there’s always an ulterior motive with Naomi: “Everything Rebecca does is about herself, right?

It’s about her being embarrassed, it’s about her being afraid for her, but it’s about her trying to get that problem put away, stashed away.” Back in West Covina, Rebecca’s coworkers struggled to cope with her absence, as a hyper-competent lawyer named Cornelia (‘s Bayne Gibby) stepped in to take her place — and tried her best to remain professional as her new colleagues dumped all their personal issues on her.

For a show this bright and brash and hilarious, is poised for a long dive into hard consequences that pop culture can't quite address.

It’s very funny, but it’s also very dark, and it shows you how low her expectations are for her mom.” Naomi, played by guest-star MVP Tovah Feldshuh, seemed to reveal a softer side when she spotted Rebecca researching the least painful ways to commit suicide and went into protective mama-bear mode.

Many plot elements are also influenced by Egypt and Egyptian mythology, and as such, Egyptian characters also appear within the story. tells the tale of Yugi Mutou, a timid young boy who loves all sorts of games, but is often bullied around.

One day, he solves an ancient artifact known as the Millennium Puzzle, causing his body to play host to a mysterious spirit with the personality of a gambler.

, her razor-sharp semi-musical about an unhappy New York City lawyer-cum-stalker who moves to the ragged bro-ville of West Covina, California, to chase ex-boyfriend Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), Bloom made it her mission to lampoon — with deadly acumen — the way we talk about love in America. Take the fourth episode, "I'm Going On a Date With Josh's Friend!

From "Pictures of Your Dick," which satirizes the way chanteuses mourn breakups, to "Historically Accurate Disney Princess Song," which is exactly what it sounds like, her work fully indulges the guilty pleasures of whatever genre she's satirizing while mercilessly exposing its bizarre undercurrents. ", in which a scheming Rebecca dates Josh's friend Greg (Santino Fontana) with an eye toward eventually seducing Josh.

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