Quentin tarantino dating lianne spiderbaby

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Still up and running, however, is her You Tube Channel, “Fright Bytes”, and her book deal with St. She was wholesale ripping off the hard work of other, more talented people—because c’mon, if you’ve got the goods you don’t need to steal—and through those actions she built a reputation worthy of a book deal.It’d be a bit like me knocking over a bank and using the stolen money to set myself up as an investment banker. Martin’s Press would cancel the book immediately upon learning it was written by a thieving thief. We live in a sh*t sandwich where someone gets to write a book because she stole from other people. There’s a lackadaisical attitude toward plagiarism, especially of the online variety, that’s born of disrespect for creative endeavors.I'm undergoing some issues right now and I'm receiving emailed death threats (and have been for the last month) which is why I haven't commented at all on any of this.I need for these threats to discontinue because it's a separate issue - so can you please remove your blog posts about me so I can do this on my own, apologize to those involved, and then move on with me life without threats.

Also keeping score was Mary Ann Johanson from Flick Filosopher, who is a victim of Spiderbaby’s theft.A certain bias seemed to be dripping from the headline of the article that first broke this story.The short version: she starved herself for three days to fit into her Oscar dress therefore her proven—and admitted—plagiarism should be forgiven.I'm asking that you please stop writing about me online and let me address the issue.I'm writing an apology for my blog now that I will make available for everyone.

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