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# the same static map for Retina # displays: this image will be 800x400 # pixels, but show the same content # and look the same when scaled down,38.9,5/[email protected]?access_token= header for pagination instead of constructing your own URLs as the specific URLs used for pagination may change at any time.The API accepts fonts as raw binary data, allows those fonts to be deleted, and generates encoded letters for map renderers.Fonts are managed on a per-account basis: styles can use any font from the same account. The Styles API automatically collects these SVG images and renders them into a single PNG image and a JSON document that describes where each icon is positioned. JSON document is specified as part of the the Mapbox Style Specification.Your default access token is available on the right side of your Mapbox Studio home page.You can also manage and create additional tokens on your API access tokens page in Mapbox Studio? When creating a new access token, you have the option of adding one or more scopes.Each endpoint in this documentation is described using several parts: Access to Mapbox web services?

Use these APIs to retrieve information about your account, upload and change resources, and use core Mapbox tools, like geocoding? This documentation provides examples of six different techniques for accessing Mapbox web services APIs: Each library’s documentation provides information on installing the library and how to use it.You can see examples of these styles in our mapbox-gl-styles project, or you can create a new style? If the optional "name" property is omitted, it will be automatically set to the style's ID.The style you get back from the API will have new properties that the server has added: extensions.You'll want to be familiar with the Mapbox Style Specification to use this API: it defines the structure of map styles and is the open standard that helps Studio communicate with APIs and produce maps compatible with our libraries (like GL JS and Mobile). The posted style object must be both valid JSON and aligned to the Mapbox Style Specification: invalid styles will produce a descriptive validation error.When we refer to style objects, they are objects that fit the Mapbox Style Specification. Only the most recent version of the Mapbox Style Specification is supported.

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