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After being a bit disappointed with the scarcity of eye-candy in Ecuador, I crossed the border into Peru with high expectations. Any socially inclined woman who thinks she’s a tiger and shoots such ridiculously awesome low-budget music videos holds a special place in my heart and deserves a spot on this list. She studied Action at the TVI Actors Studio in New York and sang and danced at the Broadway Dancer Center.

Although there isn’t as much hype around Peruvian beauty like Colombians or Argentines, I was relieved to find that from Mancora down to Arequipa, the women of Peru held their ground against their sexy latina counterparts. That’s why I’m kicking off the Top 10 hottest Peruvian list with the lovely and sensual mattress actress, Alexis Amore. The 24 year old has starred in a number of telenovelas across Latin America since than, including 6 (Tie).

The 22 year-old Peruvian pageant titleholder was crowned Miss Peru 2011 and represented her country in the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant. Vanessa Tello – Peruvian model who is a favorite among Peruvian friends because of her well formed assets and remarkable ability to showcase them across magazines and calendars. Liesel Holler – An elegant Peruvian beauty that won Miss Peru in 2004. Marisela Puicon – Lima-born music producer, singer and actress. Gianella Neyra – Gianella Karina Neyra Magagna is one of the few women on this list born in Arequipa, Peru.

She’s an actress, model and Peruvian TV presenter who has starred in a number of TV programs and was nominated for a Emmy International for best comedy in the series . Pachamama – If it weren’t for this woman, this list wouldn’t be possible. Luciana Leon – Perhaps the only doable Politician in Peru.

Now as I get settled in Bolivia and start my adventure here, I leave you with my heavily researched and overly biased list of the hottest women of Peru. Born in Lima in 1978, her award-winning work in adult entertainment has made her one of the more famous Peruvians in ‘alternative’ movies. Cynthia Chanta – Thank goodness I didn’t know about Cynthia before I went to the Hare Krishna retreat in Chiclayo, Peru or else I would have had a tough time keeping a clean mind in her hometown.

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On a whim, Jeri jumped into stardom when she attended an open casting call for a comedy show named and landed the roll of one of the show’s main characters.

The show became a hit on Peruvian television and she became a national sex symbol.

Vanessa Jeri most recently could be seen on the comedy show 3.

She’s a model by trade, Virgo by birth and Bonafied Peruvian hottie by my standards. Arias got her start on Peruvian and Miami-based Hispanic telenovelas before earning her first role on American television.

La Tigresa del Oriente aka the tigress from the orient (the “orient” being the Peruvian Amazon) was born in 1944 in Constancia, Peru and reached “super stardom” when her 2009 Youtube sensation “Nuevo Amanecer” (new sunrise) hit 10 million views.

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