Percentage of black women dating white men

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All are having to come to terms with a dominant white society, each in their own way. Among Indians, for example, the traditional marriage rules are being re-jigged.In Britain, two out of three Indian women work: the same proportion as white women.But the explosive subject is, of course, West Indian marriage - or, rather, non-marriage.The explosiveness is, no doubt, why (as the census report acknowledges) even the academics have shied away from studying it. Half of all men and women from black ethnic groups (which includes Africans) are unmarried.It turns out that the Yale study included all women older than 18, which dramatically skewed the numbers because most women across all races aren’t getting married that young, especially not Black women. Census Bureau, more than 70 percent of Black women had never married in 2009. Census Bureau revealed that only 13 percent of Black women had never married by the age of 55. Census Bureau is also shutting down rumors that Black men are not marrying Black women.More accurate research reveals that Black women are getting married, but they simply get married at an older age than other races. By the time they were 55, however, most Black women had married. This, according to women who participated in a study by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, was because Black women were more likely to postpone marriage until they had their own financial situation in order.“Many African-American women are needed to take care of their own financial circumstances and have to make sure that their educational and financial affairs are putting them in the position to accommodate their own needs,” a Chicago therapist, Cheryl Pugh, told the Overall, statistics show that the percentage of Black women getting married is actually on the rise. Nearly 90 percent of Black men had Black wives in 2010, compared to only 9 percent that were married to white women.As these trends evolve, Indian marriage is becoming less an old- style, pre-arranged alliance between families, and more of a new-style partnership between individuals.Divorce remains uncommon, in contrast to the trend among the white majority, the census found.

Yet Britain as a whole remains very white indeed; there is nothing "multicultural" about it.In the 1980s, the West Indian population dropped by 14 per cent, partly because of old age and death; marginally because of people going back to Jamaica; and on top of this, that extraordinarily high rate of "marrying (or cohabiting) out," which seems to be accelerating.Among Britain's ethnic minorities, according to the census, one pre-school child in five is now of mixed race. This throws a spanner into the bizarre social work policy of ethnically-correct adoption and fostering.The new study should help speed up the process of ceasing to regard ethnic minorities as a single undifferentiated mass - the "blacks", as both left and right combine to call them.If there is multiculturalism in Britain, it lies within these very different new populations.

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