Paraguay girls for dating

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I might go for a "asado" weekend with my school mates soon, but nothing yet decided. Middle to high class can have many stunners, more or less like Argentina or Uruguay, but you need to be in their circle of friends. The cost of living seems interesting so I hope theres some decent lifestyle to be had. They know how to party, dance and are really friendly. Negatives: MUST know and be somewhat fluent in Espanol.

The trend here is hair coloring so many girls are walking around with dirty blonde hair that matches well with their tan complexion.My advice is to use this book for its maps and information on getting from city to city, but talk to the locals and other travelers for those isolated gems that Lonely Planet for some reason didn't find worthy to include.My copy of this book is so beat up and weathered it's disintegrating before my i see that you will not be coming I actually just arrived here the last few days of Feb and plan to be here a while.... My spanish is awful though so my girls have been off of badoo...should meet up one day....

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