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All timeout-related options accept decimal values, as well as subsecond values.For example, ‘: if, at any point in the download, no data is received for more than the specified number of seconds, reading fails and the download is restarted.For instance, using Turn on debug output, meaning various information important to the developers of Wget if it does not work properly.Your system administrator may have chosen to compile Wget without debug support, in which case ‘Issues HTTP HEAD request instead of GET and extracts Metalink metadata from response headers. If no valid Metalink metadata is found, it falls back to ordinary HTTP download.

When interacting with the network, Wget can check for timeout and abort the operation if it takes too long.

These two alternative forms are deprecated, and may cease being supported in the future.

If you do not understand the difference between these notations, or do not know which one to use, just use the plain ordinary format you use with your favorite browser, like Since Wget uses GNU getopt to process command-line arguments, every option has a long form along with the short one.

Long options are more convenient to remember, but take time to type. Unless stated otherwise, it is assumed that the default behavior is the opposite of what the option accomplishes.

You may freely mix different option styles, or specify options after the command-line arguments. For example, the documented existence of ‘’ prefix.

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