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He could more easily picture Chloe for her frowns and crossed arms rather than her sweet smiles. The convention proper centered around a large vendors room with hallways then branching into adjoining conference rooms where the panels, workshops, anime screenings, and events were held. I mean, I’ve had fun, getting to know you...” “I’d love to,” Brian said flashing her another charming smile. And I’ve only known him for what, an hour and a half? “Sorry,” Brian muttered distractedly, looking back at his phone in confusion.

For her cold shoulder and her special coffee mug with the words “male tears” emblazoned across it. When’s the last time you had a talk with her that didn’t end with a fight? Crowds of attendees, intermittently sprinkled with cosplayers, had begun to fill the area with the indecipherable blur of many individual conversations. ” Megan laughed heartily and cuffed the slimmer girl on the shoulder, actually staggering her for a moment. “I, uh, should probably go, to meet up with my friend in the vendor’s room, she was ... “I’m gonna hit up a couple panels, but in case I can’t find you later ...

Half the drawers on the dresser hung open and empty, the bed was stripped bare of its sheets, and the mattress sat askew atop the box spring frame. Brian had lived together with Chloe for two years, so coming home from his shift to find all of her things gone from his apartment had been a little jarring. She’s caught up in her own little oppressed feminist reality where you’re the bad guy, and I know most of it, fuck maybe all of that is bullshit. “No, thank you.” This was all too much to think about at once, and he honestly didn’t know what to say about any of it yet.

The shelves beside the desk had been rummaged through and what remained was cluttered in small piles here and there. To be honest, their relationship had taken a rather sour turn for the past ... Her women’s studies course had opened her eyes to just how oppressed and victimized women actually were, and she had thrown herself into the post-modern feminist revolution with ardent enthusiasm. Strained may be too lenient a word for the frustrating struggle that terminated in ... Brian’s brow furrowed and he rubbed his face slowly, trying to will himself to feel nothing at all about this turn of events. Brian had wide shoulders and a trim waist, and despite his geeky interests he had neither the stereotypical geek goatee nor a chubby paunch forming along his midsection. “Totally not taking sides on all this, since you’re both my friends and all,” she said, enveloping him in another of her awkward hugs, “But she’s being a cunt, and I hope you get yourself laid at the con just to spite her.” An errant blue spark flitted through her mind, and she wet her lips with her tongue.

The giant bookcase stood empty, and those books that hadn’t ascended with Chloe in her great journey were strewn about the purgatorial malaise of Brian’s apartment. Total loss, no point in even trying to tidy anything. A pale, dark-haired cutie of vaguely hispanic descent stood, her fist poised to knock again. she’s doing great,” she said, nodding her head as she glanced around in awe at the aftermath of the once well-decorated apartment. “That, uh,” he said, scratching his face, “Kinda doesn’t sound like the Chloe I knew at all.” “Haaaah,” Emily breathed, looking around nervously. she needs to chill for a while.” He couldn’t help but feel relieved at hearing that their mutual friends, especially Emily, acknowledge Chloe’s irrational behavior. ” “Oooh, well, uh,” Emily said, trying to think of a nice way to phrase it. She paused, rubbing her arm and looking down at the linoleum. Here, lemme show you.” She tugged a dangling lanyard out of her open purse, revealing a laminated badge for the upcoming Anime Con, and held it out to him. At the time he had ordered it, they’d been on much better terms. it’d be a waste to take a full pass for just Sunday. “‘Cause that’s just what I need right now.” “Maybe it is? An ornate series of Japanese kanji had been carved into it. Now his vengeful spirit works in the charm, giving it mysterious power.” “That’s ... Something something devouring the minds of innocent women ... As her fingers brushed against his, something like static electricity zapped her and for a fleeting moment tiny blue sparkles danced through the back of her head. Megan had somewhat clumsily sewn a black and white traditional chinese dress based on Pandape, the part ape, part panda monster that Megan somewhat resembled with her short legs and stocky, round figure. And then, there at the end of the row was the familiar silhouette of a rotund Pandape.

It was Emily, one of his best friends whom he’d known all the way back through high school. “She’s doing really well.” Emily turned and centered her brandy-brown eyes on Brian. And there really was some tiny part of the old Chloe still in existence, maybe there might still be a chance after all. “And we told her not to.” “You told her not to.” “Yes. Her coming back right now is not a good idea for you two.” Brian took a deep breath, nodding. When it had arrived, months later, he even still hoped it would help reconcile their differences and he’d stashed the package behind shoe boxes in the top of his closet. Give it to a cutie who didn’t pre-register, pick some hot little chica right outta the line for convention passes. ” Emily said, pouting and jabbing his chest with her finger. Hell, if we weren’t like brother and sister by now I’d be into you. “Oh no.” “Ohhh yeaaah,” she mimed in her low-pitched fruit-drink pitcher bursting through a wall impression. From a shrine or something, but it’s legit from Japan so you just know it’s the real deal.” “Emily, I heard Sam got that from a vending machine.” “Okay, she got it at a vending machine... Then a forever-alone otaku neet lost his yen to the machine and tried to tip it over, but was crushed under the machine. Stephanie’s outfit was patterned on Flamituff, a fast flame-element rabbit. ” she affirmed cheerfully, determined to be ready this time.

Today she wore an uncharacteristic expression of concern that really drove home the gravity of his situation. “She sent me to make sure she didn’t miss anything. He slowly stepped aside to let her into the apartment. But there was certainly no need to tell anyone about the outfit now. Matching pink elbow-length gloves and thigh-high costume boots completed her ensemble. Again he reached around her and planted a hand on her hip, pulling her against him, but this time her tentative reaching fingertips were sliding under his jacket as well. She was oblivious to the fact that while her butt was the same size, the fatty flab of last semester had become the tight curvature of a perfectly-shaped ass. ” Megan said, leafing through the Anime Con schedule. Maybe this is all too much, in fact,” Steph replied with a timid smile, tugging her dress down in the back again and smoothing it against her legs. Surely she’d made a mistake measuring the sizes of her dress, the swell of her bottom kept making her hemline ride up dangerously. They have like, three A-listers and then a bunch of chumps in their voice acting guests. “Those guys would probably come up and ask for your picture if you weren’t pretending to be so shy, you know.” “Yes. She imagined she was attracting stares, and as usual any attention felt humiliating. I really wanna explore the vendor’s room but the first voice acting panel starts soon, ughhh,” Megan grumbled, completely engrossed in the convention booklet. So they don’t list who’s gonna be where or when so that you havta attend them all. The young man’s brown hair was styled in artful disarray, and overall ... He had his own pre-registration badge dangling from his necklace. Megan wasn’t shy, she’d return the charm to the boy without a second thought, while Stephanie stood helpless on the sidelines. Already in a daze again, her attention wandered down to his... “Happens in like, every single anime ever.” “Classic,” her friend agreed, “Anime cliché number one, haha.” “I’m so sorry,” Stephanie stammered, “I’m so sorry, I just--” Completely red-faced in embarrassment, she shakily pushed off her knees and stood, trying to pretend everyone wasn’t staring at her. Working his jaw tenderly, he looked at her with a bemused smile. ” His eyes flicked down for a split-second to glance at her panties. “Uh, duh,” one of his peers retorted as traffic began to resume through the hallway. ” Megan yelled, pointing her rolled-up schedule into the air dramatically. You--you pushed me, I only meant to g--,” she sputtered in exasperation. Hence my starry eyes and impossibly slender legs,” Megan said sarcastically, flicking her hands out dramatically enough to shake her panda ears. “Better hurry then, go and eat him up,” Megan said lecherously as she walked away. Her keen mind bravely tumbled on through the blur of this unfamiliar terrain. not just a kinky gimmick to catch his attention for a moment, She decided. Her molten core, hidden beneath her increasingly damp panties, ached for attention. Cheeks burning, Stephanie stared down at her feet bashfully. No wait, two badges dangled from his single cord, along with something smaller, she realized as he lifted them up over his head. Tugging the right sleeve of his jacket back, he drew the lanyard around his wrist, doubled it around, and then slipped the badges through the loops and pulled the excess snug. The cute guy was just ahead, he’d been stopped for a photo. Stephanie’s face flushed and she studiously turned her head back towards Megan. Surprised and ashamed at herself, Stephanie wiped her chin with the back of her glove. although her mouth had certainly watered at the sight. Her eyes locked on Brian, too terrified to register what was going on outside of the horrifically intimate situation she’d entangled herself in. “I’m fine,” she blurted, simultaneously mortified and strangely ... She struggled to pull her dress back over her exposed thighs as Megan pulled her back out of the way of people passing through. Brian took a moment to clear his head, standing out of the way across from Megan and Stephanie and straightening his costume. “Okay, well at least he’s cute,” Megan wasn’t able to suppress a grin at seeing her friend flustered and blushing. I really can’t, not now,” Stephanie said, hanging her head. I think so, I think I am.” “Then forget the panel, there’s like, another three voice acting panels later anyways. Chat him up about anime, eat lunch with him, rub your ladybits on his face again, whatever. “Now get moving before I throw you into him again.” “I-I am kind of hungry. “I’ll meet up with you in the vendor’s room after this voice acting panel’s over, mmkay? This isn’t a campus administrator telling me, “This and this and this much, and you’ve passed.” It’s the prospective employer casually brushing aside those ... She’d always rolled her eyes at magazine headlines at the supermarket like Ten Tricks to Drive Your Man WILD. Hundreds of the novels she’d read had gleanings of romantic knowledge in them, and in her head they slowly began to coalesce into an answer, fuel feeding into the voracious combustion of emotion throbbing through her. As if the whirling cloud of erotic thoughts couldn’t be contained in Stephanie’s head anymore, bright color bled out from the roots of her hair, seeping and spreading slowly across her blond tufts and turning them a brilliant shade of cotton-candy pink.

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